Public Lectures with Jeff Su

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Wednesday the 11th of October at 19.30. The topic is meditation.

We are able to cleanse our harmful habits and conceptions in body, speech, and mind through regular meditation, and hereby we create the foundation for benefiting of all living beings.

The effects of meditation depend on what we wish to obtain by meditation. Outside of Buddhism meditation is, among other things, used as a tool for reducing stress. In some religions, meditation is used for e.g. getting closer to a God. However, in Buddhism there is only one overall purpose with meditation, that is of knowing mind.

By daily meditation, we train ourselves in not pursuing our thoughts and emotions, which come and go in our mind. By doing this, the mind settles and we can start to rest in the open, clear, and unlimited nature of mind.

Thursday the 12th of October at 19.30. The topic is Buddhism in our daily life.

Children, family, and participating in an everyday life is no hindrance for a Buddhist practice. On the contrary, the everyday life is where methods in Buddhism is put to the test.

Buddhist practice consists of acquiring knowledge and methods, using the methods – meditate – and maintain the acquired insight in the everyday life. how much of the Buddhist teachings and methods one includes in one’s life, depends on how much one understands and how motivated one is to implement them.

The lectures take place at our center in Olfert fischers gade 8. The lectures will be in an easily understandable English. Entrance is 75 Kr.

About Jeff:

He took refuge with Lama Ole in 2007 in Australia and was asked by Lama Ole to teach in 2008. Before coming to Diamond Way Buddhism he practiced in other schools of Buddhism for 10 years. He also completed a 2-year degree in Buddhism and Psychotherapy. Professionally he is currently the Executive Director of an Environmental Non-Profit Organization called the Plains Conservation Center.